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Bergman Plumbing has been in business for over 40 years, since its beginning in 1974. The business was a family affair for Don Bergman and his dad, Henry “Bud” Bergman. They worked side by side for several years taking care of the plumbing needs for Fort Dodge and the surrounding towns. Bud was active in the business right up until his death in 1999. Today, Don is the sole owner of Bergman Plumbing, has 46 years of plumbing experience and wears many hats for the company. He does the client billing and oversees the financial details of the business, but he also does estimates for customers and is right there in the plumbing trenches with his other employees. Bergman Plumbing has 9 employees – one office manager, one service call Journeyman plumber, and seven plumbers (including 2 Master plumbers, 1 Journeyman plumber and 4 assistant plumbers). One of our plumbers also has his Master Hydronics license.